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Fairfield is at a crossroads

This week, we attended two meetings regarding development projects that reconfirmed our belief that Fairfield is at a crossroads.

Fairfield, like many surrounding communities, is receiving less and less state resources and forcing our community to dig deeper to find efficiencies or to look towards development to diversify our tax base and ease the burden placed on our taxpayers.

However, economic development must be done with vision, direction and a strategic plan. It needs to be ‘smart development’, not ‘just any development’. Our vision for Fairfield’s future is for development that is guided by a revised Master Plan that preserves the character of Fairfield, the sanctity of our residential neighborhoods and the investment in our homes.

Our town government needs to be knowledgeable about federal and state statutes that could impact the town’s Master Plan regarding commercial enterprises in residential areas, and the states complicated affordable housing statutes.

Development shouldn’t be too dense – causing traffic issues and overcrowding of our services. Our town is large, with over 60,000 citizens. We want all our citizens to enjoy our amenities without long waits, gridlock and increased risk of injury or accident. Development must be keeping within the character of our neighborhoods. It should add to the tapestry of our community while respecting the history and tradition that gives Fairfield its historic charm.

We want good corporate neighbors who willingly engage with the community, respect our traditions and zoning laws. We will actively look for partners – in developers and corporations – with a history of giving back to the communities they reside in and will help relieve the residential tax burden on homeowners.

We will champion public and private partnerships to provide services more efficiently for citizens and take advantage of the special talents that reside within our own community. We will aggressively partner with our citizens to defend their property rights and the character of their neighborhoods. We will remember that Fairfield’s value is its citizens, its taxpayers and our shared community. This partnership is sacred, and it binds us together – literally the fabric of the community.

Economic development is vitally important to our community. However, without strategic and clear vision that demands Smart development, we risk losing all that has been built in the past 380 years that gives Fairfield its unique charm and differentiates us from all other communities.

Our pledge is to fight for the appropriate development – for all areas of our town.

Brenda Kupchick, State Representative and candidate for First Selectwoman for Fairfield

Thomas Flynn, Board of Finance Chairman, candidate for Selectman for Fairfield.

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