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Kupchick & Flynn Call on First Selectman Tetreau to Place Bartlett on Leave During Investigation

FAIRFIELD - Brenda Kupchick, the Republican candidate for First Selectman, called on First Selectman Mike Tetreau to immediately place Scott Bartlett, the town’s superintendent of public works, on leave while under investigation by the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney.

Brenda Kupchick said, "These are very serious accusations and Mr. Bartlett will be of course given due process, however, a startling situation like this in which a town official is being investigated by the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney deserves decisive action that puts the public trust first. As a steward and chief executive of the Town of Fairfield, First Selectman Tetreau should place Mr. Bartlett on administrative leave immediately as the judicial process takes its course. As a leader, I've always demanded transparency and accountability by our government officials – whether they are elected or appointed -- and Mr. Tetreau needs to focus on providing that to our community.”

"This is certainly a sad and disappointing day for Fairfield," said Selectman candidate Thomas Flynn. "As the Board of Finance Chairman, I voted against increasing the Dept. of Public Works' budget as recommended by the First Selectman. We need our leadership to be open and honest about the investigation and to not keep the public and local elected officials in the dark."


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