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Kupchick, Flynn Release Statements Regarding Fairfield's AAA Bond Rating

FAIRFIELD - Brenda Kupchick the Republican candidate for First Selectwoman and her running mate for Selectman and the current Board of Finance Chairman Tom Flynn released the following statements in response to hearing that Fairfield's AAA Bond Rating was reaffirmed by rating agencies.

"Sound financial stewardship of Fairfield will be an extremely important element of governing effectively in the future," said Kupchick. "It is one reason that I selected Board of Finance Chairman, Tom Flynn, to be my running mate. Through his ten year leadership as Chairman, Fairfield has maintained its coveted rating and implemented policies to protect the town financially from the external headwinds that have challenged us. I look forward to working with Tom, more directly, as we adopt policies to maintain the bond rating, further strengthening the town financially while also adopting pro-growth policies to lower the burden on taxpayers."

"As the Chairman of the Board of Finance, I would like to thank everyone involved and their hard work in retaining Fairfield's AAA bond rating and achieving a positive result on the bond sale," said Chairman Flynn. "Yes, this is good news for the town of Fairfield, but it doesn't paint the entire picture of the town's fiscal house. We can do better at easing the high taxes residents and businesses pay. I am excited to be running with Brenda Kupchick who I know has the vision and leadership that will bring Fairfield into the future."

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