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Kupchick Outlines Reform and Trust Platform to Ensure Government Accountability

Fairfield -- Brenda Kupchick, the Republican candidate for First Selectwoman and Selectman candidate Tom Flynn today announced programs and initiatives to usher in an era of transparency and accountability to Fairfield Town government and to spur trust and responsiveness.

Kupchick and Flynn said the investigation by the Fairfield Police Department and the Chief State’s Attorney office into the Department of Public Works, is evidence that the First Selectman’s office needs to create an environment of openness and transparency.

“Fairfield government needs to be the cornerstone of trust and accountability to the taxpayers. Our administration will ensure each and every employee and vendor that does business with town hall lives up to the highest ethical standards,” said Kupchick. “The First Selectman has failed to put controls in place that prevent the corruption of the public’s trust and we believe it is time to run an accountable, open and transparent town hall. It will be my number one priority on day one of our administration. Tom Flynn and I will work to restore people’s trust in government, and we believe these initial measures will accomplish those goals.”

To strengthen public trust and accountability, Kupchick and Flynn have outlined the following initiatives:

-Adherence to Town Charter provision to consult the entire Board of Selectman on legal matters (including decisions to go to arbitration versus trial)

- Launch an OpenFairfield initiative to modernize and easily allow residents to track taxpayers' money

- Introduce a new community reporting platform to make it easier for residents and town employees to communicate issues, questions, and concerns

- Create a "New Technology Task Force" to research and advise town leadership on new technology practices that can be used to make town hall more responsive and user-friendly to residents and businesses

- Host regular First Selectman Town Hall Meetings to allow residents to hear directly from town leaders and to have their voices heard

- Update residents regularly by email, video, and social media about what is happening at town hall and in our community

- Ensure each department head signs an ‘ethics pledge’ including a provision disclosing direct family ties to potential vendors (such as a parent, spouse, child employed by a potential vendor)

- Strict adherence to purchasing requirements and bid processes and active participation of the First Selectwoman as a member of purchasing authority

- Appropriate review/due diligence/background checks of proposed vendors before entering agreements

- Transparency in fact and in purpose with vendors/citizens – leveraging technology for interactions with clients tips/complaints/concerns

- Swift and immediate accountability for violations of laws and/or appearance of impropriety with immediate investigations by town personnel

- Engagement of an independent auditor for the review, assessment and recommendations for financial internal controls throughout the town operations

Kupchick explained that town hall needs to change the way it is currently doing business and communicating with residents.

"Fairfield is falling behind and not doing everything it can to make our town government more open, transparent, and responsive to taxpayers. Under our leadership, you will see a shift in utilizing technology to communicate with residents making it easier for taxpayers to communicate with town hall.”

For more information about Brenda Kupchick and her campaign for First Selectwoman visit and for more information about Tom Flynn and his campaign for Selectman visit


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