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Kupchick Says First Selectman Has Been Untruthful about Contamination Investigation

Fairfield - Brenda Kupchick, the Republican candidate for First Selectman, released the following statement in regard to new details from the Police Chief about the contamination investigation.  

“Reading this report from last night’s police commission meeting, it’s clear to me that statements made by the First Selectman about what he knew regarding the fill pile and related issues and when he knew it, have not been truthful.

The residents of Fairfield deserve to know the truth and all related details surrounding this issue.  Fairfield’s current and former police chiefs stated they provided updates about the case despite repeated claims the First Selectman was unaware of this issue until just recently.

It was stated the RTM’s Public Works subcommittee made the initial call for the investigation into this matter, not the First Selectman.

Protocols should have been put in place to protect town residents based on the seriousness of the charges being leveled at town employees who have since been arrested and charged with multiple felonies for public corruption and illegal dumping of hazardous material.

I am calling on our town administration to publicly release each and every site where this fill pile material was used and test results and/or when they will be scheduled for testing, said Kupchick.”

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